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Newly Remodeled and (re)opened. Come and take a look at the new digs and see what's inside the next evolution of Cloth & Metal.

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A Detailed Eye: Looking at C&M Through a Designer's Lens

October 16, 2014

Greeted by the scents of a cyprus fig candle, leather shoes, belts and wallets, I knew instantly that I would dig this place. My fingertips slid over sturdy denim, a modern plaid button-down, then across the surface of a worn wood and steel table, which looked like it was plucked from an old assembly factory. The walls and furniture nod to a time of simplicity, of material honesty and craftsmanship. Warm unpainted woods compliment steel and leather surfaces. This place appeals to the innate masculinity of any man, inviting me to inspect each piece on display. I slowly worked my way around the store for fear of missing something. Eventually my eyes fell onto a modern, crisp white and...

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