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Eagulls are from Leeds. If you’ve never been, I’ll tell you this, Leeds is a tough working class place and Eagllls sound like it.
They have the anger and energy that made Post Punk so great in the 80’s. They bring to mind the greats of that genre such as Joy Division & Magazine with a Hint of My Bloody Valentine. Formed in 2009 they are releasing their debut LP this spring. Already they have  won critical hearts and minds and (judging by the below footage) even David Letterman. 
Working class through and through, between tedious day jobs in the bars and retail outlets of Leeds they carved out a reputation for chaotic and confrontational live shows. They are about to take their first trip to America for SXSW, a trip the band quit their jobs to take. Now that is the kind of dedication I’m talking about. 
Click below to see them on the David Letterman show. 

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