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Woman's Hour

Taking their name from a BBC radio show, Woman’s Hour are creating some powerful, opalescent music. They mix a stylish take on 80’s synthetic dream pop like Propaganda, with a decidedly modern feel. If you like The xx and Beach house you are sure to enjoy the sounds of this London based Quartet. 



Woman's Hour came together one summer, when Singer Fiona Burgess started collaborating with her brother, guitarist William. "I went round to her place one day,” says William,  "and it turned our that she had a pretty nice voice!" The two recruited bassist Nicolas Graves, and the three began creating their music. It has all the feel iridescent shimmer of summer-defining indie pop.


What also makes Woman’s Hour unique is their visual style. Their look, a assiduously curated monochrome style is curated in collaboration with TATE and MOMA certified artists Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg. To quote Fiona "Our album artwork is inspired by a picture of a woman surrounded by pyramids that was part of a magazine article called The Start of an Era. It was a 1970s performance piece that was performed at the Whitney Museum in New York."


They can also get your toes tapping. Check out Fort Romeau’s remix of title track Conversation. The debut LP is out July 15th on Secretly Canadian. 


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