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Wu Tang Clan - Ron O'Neal

There are few things that cause as much excitement as the words “Yo, Wu Tang are back!” And so it was the other night on The Daily Show, out of no where The Wu returned and dropped a new single Ron O’Neal on John Stewart and the rest of us [watch the full episode here or just the performance here]. 


Hard to believe that It’s been 20 years since The Wu exploded straight out of Shoalin (Staten Island) and took the world by storm. In that time they have realized 5 full albums as a group, produced countless side and solo projects, made movies, video games, scared the life out parents all over the world and always raised their game. 

Ron O’Neal is no exception. It's vintage Wu but new. This is no rehash, it’s almost optimistic, sophisticated, almost dare I say…. mature? But it’s also hand-in-the air GREAT it’s hook is crazy catchy, the lyrics, as always, are absolutely phenomenal. The Wu-Tang Clan's  album, A Better Tomorrow, will be released later this year.   Go on, make your day and click below, WU TANG FOREVER! 


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