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The Amazing - Picture You

Christoffer Gunrup has been playing music his whole life. A rare breed, he is a seriously talented musician, with a modest, down to earth disposition. "I've played drums, trumpet and guitar from an early age. Not that I was any good. I had a band at University that released four albums as Granada.”

When Granada split up Christoffer found himself playing around with songs he had written during his time in Granada. “I started playing alone and realized that I needed to howl on the songs myself to get them to sound as I wanted.” Gunrup then enlisted former Dungen guitarist Reine Fiske and drummer Fredrik Björling. When the trio needed a name, Fiske offered The Amazing, England 1969! He imagined the band as an obscure trio playing some unknown festival in England in 1969. "All band names are rubbish," Gunrup says, "but if you like the music, any name is OK."

Now a five piece on the verge of their second LP, The Amazing inhabits an soundscape that’s pretty damned unique.  A panoramic, kaleidoscopic sound marked by layers of weaving guitars, richly textured keyboards and a topflight rhythm section masterful at bending tempos.  You could have a shelf full of thesauruses and still not find the perfect words to describe the Swedish quintet's music. Gunrup agrees, "I have no idea how to describe the songs [on any of my records]. I like and hate them all equally. If you theorize about the songs, it ruins the tension and passion. Just shut the %^@& up and play, but play good."


Stream the lead track Picture You from the forthcoming LP  below:

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