We are technology, music and fashion nerds; corporate expats and retail misfits. We seek substance and the unique on our quest to create the most innovative lifestyle retail concept to date.

We are Cloth & Metal.

C&M was founded on the single, simple belief that people aren’t one-dimensional beings. As individuals, we are complex narratives often comprised of conflicting thoughts, principles and convictions. We define and express ourselves through more than just clothing.

Since 2013, we’ve been curating a diverse collection of distinctive and exceptional lifestyle accessories together in alignment of this belief. Our anchor - and what we believe to be the uniting thread – is music, and those products that bring it to life. From headphones and DACs to turntables and vinyl, Cloth & Metal has everything a music lover or audiophile could desire.


Cloth & Metal is the brainchild of Scott Sablan, a former product development professional from the audio industry. Under the task of developing headphones and speaker products for large, multi-national brands he takes daily thanks in having had the gracious opportunity to work along side some of the industry’s most brilliant engineers, marketers and executives. Located in the heart of Orange County, Cloth & Metal is part passion project and part personal ode to all those along the way that have inspired him.