Mizuchi Eau De Parfum

Mizuchi Eau De Parfum

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Why We Like Them

Blackbird's store opened in 2004 in Seattle and gained it's name by taking on lesser-known brands which held vision for the partnership of lifestyle and fashion.  We respect what they've done and are excited to have them amongst our entourage of grooming products.  Branding for this company reflects it's collective of designers and artistic directorsThe scents they've produced offer a subtle yet strong option for the modern gent.


There’s a familiarity here difficult to place yet strangely close, foreign and yet oddly comforting. Mizuchi transports the wearer into the future through the science of reduction, building an eloquent olfactory phrase with only one note. If you can imagine yourself somewhere between a calligrapher's inkwell, the pencil shavings on the floor of an architect's studio, and the faint scent of blueprints, you're on your way to understanding Mizuchi. That said, Mizuchi truly smells like nothing other than itself.

    Scent Notes

    Ink, Paper, Mild Tobacco, Dry Woods