The Kings Of Leon Youth And Young Manhood 180g 2LP
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The Kings Of Leon Youth And Young Manhood 180g 2LP

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Kings of Leon burst out of the rural South and into the international consciousness with their distinct, unpolished style of garage rock. Each of their early albums subsequently embraced and perfected this music, becoming the band's trademark sound for the first part of their career. While the Kings eventually began to experiment with other genres and sonic exploration, their first three studio albums represent a family-band of young hungry musicians paying tribute to their influences, from the raw guitar of Thin Lizzy to the southern-fried Allman Brothers Band, with all the swagger of the Stones.


  • High Quality 180g Vinyl
  • Re-mastered
  • Double LP
  • Gatefold jacket


LP 1
1. Red Morning Light
2. Happy Alone
3. Wasted Time
4. Joe's Head
5. Trani
6. California Waiting
LP 2
1. Spiral Staircase
2. Molly's Chambers
3. Genius
4. Dusty
5. Holy Roller Novocaine
6. Talihina Sky