The Surfer's Journal Volume 23 No. 5
The Surfer's Journal

The Surfer's Journal Volume 23 No. 5

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Why We Like It

Not much needs to be said about this long fabled surfing periodical. Interesting features coupled with some of the most striking & artisitic surfing imagery around.

The Surfer’s Journal is a unique form of periodical, different from most other magazines. In fact, they don't consider themselves a magazine—more of a cross between a soft-cover book and a magazine.

As a reader-supported surf publication, with just six sponsors in each 132-page issue, they're almost all editorial. They delve into topics that get little attention elsewhere, covering travel adventures, surfboard design, profiles of surfing’s most colorful subjects, and the choicest surf photography in every issue.


One-hundred-and-twenty-six pages of pure editorial. The guts of 23.5 are centered around a sprawling analysis of the Fletcher and Hoffman clan, with characters ranging from Christian to Flippy, Joyce to Dibi, and generational stories that span surfing’s entire modern age. Space is also reserved for a road-and-boat trip through the nether regions of Chile, and a tonally rich portfolio of Indian Ocean photography from wilding shooter Tom Hawkins.